Targeted Distribution

The key to a successful publication is its distribution base. Today & Tonight Magazine is dedicated to investing and creating partnerships that ensure placement in almost 700 locations throughout Polk County.

Today & Tonight Magazine is strategically placed in high traffic areas where people dine, shop, and play. Our magazines can be found in restaurants, shopping centers, hair & nail salons, dental & medical offices, retailers, clubs, pubs and everywhere in between.

Constantly increasing and maintaining a strong distribution base in Polk County results in a highly visible magazine that reaches many of your prospects and brings you new customers.

Quick Information

● 15,000 Copies per Issue
● 500,000 Potential Readers
● 700 Distribution Locations
● Published Monthly
● Most Anticipated Publication
● Passed From Person to Person
● Worthy of Any Coffee Table

Targeted Readership

Today & Tonight Magazine is without a doubt The Dining, Entertainment & Lifestyle guide to Polk County. It is the choice for Polk County readers who are looking for entertainment, arts, culture, fashion and social event opportunities.

The Today & Tonight Magazine reader is an active, well read, trend conscious, upwardly mobile consumer and has an enormous untapped buying power. They are interested in dining out, having a good time and improving their lifestyle.

In addition to our widely read articles and columns, readers look to Today & Tonight Magazine for the “Live Local Music Listings” and our comprehensive calender of local events for the entire month.